An ‘Explainer’ on SuperPACs Explained

An NYU grad wrote a song to explain SuperPACs for ProPublica. Poynter explains it all here:

Super PACS have become an important — but at times confusing — part of this year’s election. Hoping to explain them, ProPublica published a song that describes what Super PACs are, how they affect candidates and why they’re controversial.

“I remember back in January reading about how at the debates, even the moderators — based on the questions they were asking — didn’t seem to fully grasp what a Super PAC was,” said David Holmes, a freelancer who wrote the music and the lyrics for the video with Andrew Bean. “It seemed like one of those issues that everyone was talking about, but there was still a lot of confusion about how they work.”….

Holmes, who was a journalism student in New York University’s Studio 20 Program and graduated last December, has created two other explainers for ProPublica — one about redistricting and another about hydraulic fractured drilling.



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