The Conservative Teen: A Disappearing Act

I am super interested in politics, and cannot wait to delve into the hubbub surrounding the existence and disappearance of “The Conservative Teen” Magazine.  I have tried to find the PDF version of the magazine, but as stated in several sources, it is no longer available in the domain to which it was originally registered.  I do have the Buzzfeed “Best Headlines,” which provides several pages of it, in addition to several articles which reference it.  I am hoping that when I e-mail the author of the BuzzFeed article, he may have a pdf copy of the magazine.  Not only would that provide potentially gut-wrenchingly hilarious reading, but it would also aid me in greater commentary about the specific content of the magazine.

In addition to this perspective, I am greatly interested in speaking with both conservative teens/young adults and liberal teens/young adults in order to gain their perspective on this interesting issue.  I will reach out to individuals I know from the College Republicans at NYU, as well as a junior I know who is heavily involved with the Occupy movement.  I will present their opinions against the opinions of NYU political science professors.  I also want to interview a media specialist who would be able to comment on it from a media angle.  I am also in the process of finding and reading as many articles on the issue as possible.  I hope to have some good news about the acquisition of The Conservative Teen PDF, and hope to be progressing well.

Let me know if anyone knows about professors, media personnel or friends who would be willing to speak on this issue.


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One response to “The Conservative Teen: A Disappearing Act

  1. Ashley Dills

    What?!?! That magazine looks awesome. When did it exist?

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