Stewart’s Infuriating Montage; Colbert’s Infuriating Fluff

Speaking of montages, a very entertaining and informative one appeared on The Daily Show Thursday night about the General Services Administration (GSA). This government agency, which performs management tasks like supplying office space to federal employees, is under fire because it blew almost a million dollars of taxpayer money at a Las Vegas conference. You would hope that the money would at least be put to good use, but that just wasn’t the case. The money was spent on clowns. And mind readers. The worst part (even worse than clowns)? The GSA is responsible for developing government-wide cost-minimizing policies. Sigh.

This is worth your time. Bill O’Reilly makes a special appearance:

Stewart was very passionate about this issue, and I appreciated his anger. If I can’t personally call the GSA to express my fury, I must live vicariously through comedians with their own late-night satirical TV shows. I might not have much of a voice, but people listen to Stewart. Yet, he wasn’t the only one to express outrage. Every media outlet seemed to agree that this reckless spending was unacceptable. Stewart even congratulated Fox News for their condemning coverage of the GSA.

The only person absent from this media firestorm was Stephen Colbert. On Thursday’s Colbert Report, he failed to mention this scandal. Instead, he spent time that he could have devoted to this or to any other story of importance to recount a personal story of how he saw a motorcyclist popping a wheelie in the Lincoln Tunnel. Seriously. And the “point” was that America is still awesome because a guy on a bike can make a bumper-to-bumper morning commute really cool. Ugh. That’s comparable to the fact that CNN wastes time every day to broadcast the latest viral video (which Colbert and Stewart have made fun of in the past).

Needless to say, I’m disappointed in Colbert. Stewart would never pass on an infuriating political piece about reckless spending that affects every taxpayer to discuss one macho man’s reckless driving that affected only the people blessed to have seen such a totally hardcore stunt. This is an area in which Stewart has an advantage over Colbert: he knows what’s important and he avoids fluff. If Colbert doesn’t at least mention this GSA controversy tonight, I will be doubly disappointed.


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