Fictionalizing Truth

(The Exonerated by Jessica Blank)

Some of my favorite quotes that I’m using from the Truth in Theater panel I mentioned are:

 Jessica Blank: … I don’t fault Mike Daisey, if he had admitted it, for fictionalizing aspects of the memoir part of the story. The only thing I fault him for…is for not being forthright about the fact he was doing that.

Jason Zinoman: The difference between Mike Daisey and Stephen Glass is that Mike Daisey is one of the artists in the American theater…Mike Daisey has unique gifts. Mike Daisey’s critique of Steve Jobs is that he should have led, because he was one of the few people that could lead. I would argue that Mike Daisey is one of the few storytellers in the American theater who could be 100% truthful and be just as powerful…The guy is very gifted. He could lead.

 Steve Cosson: …seeing this artist take a really important story and push it into the center of culture, in the mainstream and chat shows…He [Mike Daisey] really got himself in a central position as an artist. I felt like doors opened because of that piece and bridges were built, that I’m afraid are now, if not completely burned, like, smoky.

On another note there’s this new development.

“Journalism won out over sensationalism when Marketplace’s Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz double-checked Mike Daisey’s story about Chinese manufacturer Foxconn. Seemingly in return, Foxconn granted Schmitz exclusive video access to the production lines where the new iPad is made.”

Mike Daisey Buster Rob Schmitz Shows How iPads Are Really Made


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