Skinny Water

Skinny Water

By this point we know that nothing is sacred in the art of marketing, not even the purest substance in the world – water. Just when you think water couldn’t get any healthier, marketers go and try to convince you that it can. Skinny Water’s tagline reads: “O calories, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, 0 guilt.” A necessary differentiation – because there is so much guilt involved in drinking regular water, a hydrating nutrient necessary to make our bodies function. But the real difference is the crave control element in Skinny Water. But these drinks also contain high levels of Splenda, the artificial sweetener that is calorie-free but is not exactly healthy. So Skinny Water is flavored, sweetened, and colored with dye…is it still water? Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition of New York University doesn’t think so. “If it’s sweetened, it might as well be soda, nutritionally speaking,” she said to The New York Times.

Critics have also bashed the water brand because of its advertisements, which focus on promoting its product by distorting the body image of its consumers. In October 2011, Skinny Water’s ad featured a woman facing a crowd of paparazzi with the headline, “Skinny Always Gets the Attention.” The brand’s effort to market itself as healthy is in conflict with its negative cultural message – that women can only get attention by being skinny.


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