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Snow White Puts Her Big Boy Pants On: What this Princess’s Media Makeover Says About Modern-Day Femininity

Disney’s Snow White (1937) and Once Upon a Time’s Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) (2012)

Everyone knows the story of Snow White:  a young princess is forced to flee from a wicked, vain queen and finds herself in the company of a group of tiny dwarf miners, until her prince comes along and saves her from her poison-apple-induced sleep.  For years, children worldwide have watched the iconic Disney film and seen its characters plastered on every type of merchandise imaginable.  And the message this burned into the memory of little girls everywhere is clear: true love conquers all.

But take note, girls: Snow White has had a total media makeover— the sheepish, innocent girl of fairytale lore has been transformed into a fierce, lethal warrior princess, now more princely than girly, and is fully equipped to save not only herself, but her entire kingdom.  As the star of two major feature films, Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, as well as ABC’s highly popular, hour-long drama Once Upon a Time, she is not likely to be doing the dishes with her woodland friends or making seven tiny beds each morning.  Instead, she is now determined to win back her kingdom from the evil queen who banished her, raising the stakes from simply living out her life in the eternal bliss of true love to directly challenging the queen for supremacy.  Snow White, with her new, almost blind determination toward her goal, is not just more aggressive in this incarnation; she’s practically oozing testosterone.  The new Snow White— in pants, no less! — represents a shrinking gender divide, enforcing the idea that a woman can only become truly successful by losing her feminine traits.

Snow White’s transformation from an inactive princess to a fearsome warrior is a product of our society and what movie executives know will sell.  Ultimately, this new manifestation of a nostalgic character may serve to “empower” modern women by changing Snow White into a self-sufficient fighter, but it also disparages them by turning the heroine essentially into the male archetypal champion, the new and improved fairytale maintains the same clichéd message of the original story about true love.

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The JOBS Act: Economic Boon or Peril?

On February 18, entrepreneur William Pryor successfully raised a £30,000 funding round for his U.K.-based oriental rugs business, Oriental Rugs of Bath. In return for the money, Pryor offered the 36 individuals who invested in Oriental Rugs of Bath a share of the company’s equity, divvying out 10% of the enterprise’s stock in total. This entire transaction took place online through an equity-based crowdfunding platform called Crowdcube.

This type of investing is currently illegal in America — but not for long.

Signed into law by President Obama on April 5, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act legalizes crowdfund investing in the United States. When the Securities and Exchange Commission’s nine-month legislative review process concludes, entrepreneurs across the country will be able to solicit and collect investments for their startups and small businesses via the Internet. But is the JOBS Act a beneficial piece of legislation for the average American? The bill’s ardent supporters argue it will democratize finance for the 99 percent and ameliorate the United States’ sputtering economy, while its loudest critics claim it will pave the way for another financial crisis. Whether the JOBS Act improves or depresses the American economy, it will fundamentally alter the country’s business ecosystem. It is, as President Obama called it, a “game-changer.”

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