We are the NYU media criticism students of Leslie Savan’s spring 2012 Advanced Reporting class. We are writing our capstone pieces.  Here we will post updates on said pieces. We also reserve the right to post unrelated hat-tips or jabs at any media we encounter.  We will be merciless in this regard.


Eric Blattberg, covering the JOBS act and crowdfund-investing.

Sehar Ahmed (@SeharAhm), covering media coverage of mental illness in the military.

Jessica Jackson (@JacksonJej), covering the conservative youth vote.

Doak Jantzen (@joakdantzen), covering the modern casual video game.

Sarah Moore (@imsarahmoore), covering truth and fiction in theater.

Sara Roncero-Menendez, covering the media makeover of Snow White in 2012.

Arielle Collins, covering media fasting.

Melissa Souto (@soutomelissa), covering body image words in marketing.

Ashley Dills, covering all things Colbert and Stewart.

Hannah Kwon, covering media’s influence on plastic surgery in South Korea.

Alistair Mackay (@alimackay), covering Buzzfeed from LOL to POLitics.


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